How to buy Ethereum (ETH) in India?

In this guide we will talk about Ethereum: what is it, the similarities and differences with Bitcoin and finally a few good places where you can buy Ethereum in Inida.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum can be defined as a platform of an open software which works on the basis of blockchain technology. This will allow the developers to make and perform different applications.

Is it a kind of Bitcoin?

In a sense, yes, because both are two famous types of cryptocurrencies which work on the blockchain network. Yet there are some differences in these two networks. And the biggest of them is their usage. Which means how they use the blockchain technology. The bitcoin works on the system of peer-to-peer p2p electronic cash. It uses this system to track the bitcoin’s ownership. On the other hand, the Ethereum focuses more on the operation of programming code of applications.

How to buy Ethereum in Inida from global exchanges?

The following global crypto exchanges provide the opportunity for people from Inida to purchase Ethereum.

Buying ether in India


Changelly is simply a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can convert hundreds of altcoins with the best market price and also you can buy them with your credit or debit card. As we are concern with Ethereum so you can convert your altcoins to Ethereum. This platform has many advantages and it saves you from a lot of hassles because you don’t have to make new accounts on different exchange websites. In return, it only asks for only 0.5% fee as you are using their services. cool, isn’t it?


This super cool API and web platform is specifically designed for providing the instant conversions of your altcoins and bitcoin. Along with this, they are always keen to provide excellent security and perfect efficiency. The interface of the website is just super easy and user-friendly. All of the info is in front of you and you just have to choose the blockchain or altcoins which you wish to exchange. Just provide the necessary information like receiving address and do the payment. Once completed, the coins you want to exchange would be sent to your provided e-wallet in order to complete the transaction. The advantage to use Shapeshift is that it will not hold your deposits which will decrease the danger of custodial risk of your funds. Along with this, you will get the maximum transfer rate with no charges on top.

Another leading company for the worldwide currency exchange is the It has newly added the option to trade Ethereum and now you can buy, sell and exchange Ethereum with other coins. This platform is famous for its reasonably fair fees and also for the special offers for market makers and big volume traders. You are completely protected by this platform as it features great protection from the DDoS attacks. Along with this, you are secured with full data encryption. Most prevalent payment options are Visa, MasterCard, Electronic Fund Transfer and cryptocurrency.

Buying ETR from Indian crypto exchanges


The first option for you is the BuyUCoin which is a digital currency of India. It offers 30 types of different cryptocurrencies, altcoins and tokens which are well popular like Bitcoins, Neo, Ethereum and many others. You can easily buy, sell and trade these cryptocurrencies with the Indian currency as it accepts that. You just have to first sign-up on the website to be registered on their website. After completing the online verification process, you are then allowed to buy Ethereum along with other cryptocurrencies.

Ether Trade

Ether Trade is another emerging open source platform to buy and sell Ethereum in India. It is most reliable cryptocurrency platform to buy and sell Ethereum. They provide you all the necessary details to kickstart your trading hobby. You can directly buy Ethereum from Indian rupees. This platform is also very secure to perform your cryptocurrency transactions and exchanges. Ether trade offers you the latest and innovative Ethereum exchange in the india. In order to bring a fast, easy, efficient, and user-friendly platform, Ether Trade works on the highly secure and strong technology. Along with the Ethereum and other altcoins, they are keen to develop some more blockchain networks to make a complete cryptocurrency network platform. After bitcoin, Ethereum is getting well enough attention and it’s becoming a major part in trading industry. Ether trade is keen to provide that facility in a more advanced and easy way.

Another way to get Ether: mining

Another method to get Ethereum in india is through mining. Mining can be done through your computer, but you will need a high end computer because it will take so much power to process. This process power is used to solve blockchain problems, carrying and making different transactions and executing smart contracts. The system of Ethereum mining is revised and you will need well enough hardwork to start actually earning.


Though bitcoin is ruling the cryptocurrency fans in most of the places especially India but the Ethereum isn’t that far behind. Many researchers have coated that the Ethereum is gaining more search volume in India than Bitcoin and many other altcoins. Its very easy to trade in this industry and also very interesting too. We have provided a list of places where you can buy Ethereum in India and also in any part of the world. Also the process of buying is very simple as you have to register on the website and boom, you are good to go.